♥ with Marta Patti, Mariasole Piva Spillare
☛ teacher Katerina Doleijsova
☛ year 2013

Pane&Chimica is a web platform that collects lessons to enhance the learning of chemistry learned at Junior high school. By disassembling objects and environmental phenomena it's possible to discover components and formulas, functions and behavior, that is the causes and effects of what surrounds us. In this way the chemistry is contextualized and the learning of the material becomes a dynamic experience. The intent is not to replace but complement the classical tools of learning, to give substance to the concepts studied, arousing the curiosity of the student and make learning an activity that allows adolescents to approach new technologies. You learn by doing, playing, experimenting.


How does it work?
> 4 macro categories for diving the topics
> 3 different levels of difficulty of the topics
> 2 levels of reading, in the foreground the examples of everyday life, in the background, the hidden chemistry to discover
> 1 exercise downloadable for review of the topic


If you are interested visit the site

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