give shape to matter
with the browser for exploratory research

Digital learning: not only a question of devices that change, but the method of learning that changes to meet the needs of the twenty-first century students. Being students of the next generation means to be designers of own knowledge and skills, able to analyze the sources and unlimited information, analog and digital, to which you can access. 

Quark, the browser and visual organization that rethinks the functionality of "Favorites", introducing the generous research concept and timeline for saving the content of interest. Each content is a quark, the matter unity, of different kind, always aggregate thanks to connections that give form to matter

The classic search, from passive operation that returns the link sequences to consult, becomes active interaction with other users, but especially educational: the student becomes conscious of his knowledge, no more static and closed disciplines, but countless references and connections that run through their knowledge, that at any time you can take and continue to deepen, never leave or start from scratch.

Quark supports and does not replace the paper-based instruments, amplifying the potential.
It is a window open and unlimited access to knowledge, thanks to digital.

Tighten the sources of research to make it safe

Save all your favorite content

Take a break and explore your knowledge

Based on the concept of generous interface results offered by Quark are based on the latest research, topics of interest, the ranking of shared quark. You can also select the sources by which to search. There are alert control for the addition of non certificat content, and the monitoring of the number of certificates contained in each timeline.

The common thread between the quarks, for a new managing favorites, are always visible during the research and available in different views, with the zoom in and zoom out.

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You can share your timeline, make them public or hidden, search for content, not only on the web but also in Quark's internal search engine. You can follow other members, find out their research/timeline, and use them as a starting point for your own research.

A break from the web to take back their knowledge and discover the hidden connections thanks to a system of tags and metadata. Based on lifelong learning, for the proper functioning of Quark it is to be used throughout the learning process and, more generally, of life itself, because it allows you to create and always draw on their knowledge of the semantic map.

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If you are interested to the project you can read the full report.

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